Bylaw & Finance

Amended WHS IBPA ByLaws

March 12, 2019
The most recent ByLaws, as amended, are available using the link below.

2019-2020 Budget

The Budget shows that total income for 2019 is $11,726 and revenue forecast for 2020 is $7,000.

2018-2019 Budget

At the beginning of the 2018-2019 academic year, the WHS IBPA did not have any fund balance because we had not been established as a Booster Club. In the Fall semester, the membership voted to become a Booster Club, and we registered with the State of Texas and the Department of Treasury as a non-profit corporation.

The budget reflects a zero starting fund balance, revenue forecast of $15,252 and end of year fund balance of $5,745. The major components of expenditure are the IB Exemplar Scholarship ($1,100), Community events ($4,525), Merchandise Inventory ($2,522) and formation and operating expenses ($1.360).

This budget was ratified by the membership at the Business Meeting: Young Alumni Panel on January 15, 2019.

The Treasurer's Report shows actual financial results relative to the budget, as amended by the membership.

Treasurer's Report

On a regular basis, the Treasurer reports on the current financial position of the IBPA. This is the Treasurer's most recent report.


As a nonprofit, we rely upon the generosity of our members. Heartfelt gratitude to the following donors for their generosity:

Sandi Bone & Jim Grundy

Melissa & Hiten Patel

Chunyan Pei & Ruiqi Tian

Rachel & Rob Sartin

Ruma & Vijay Singh

Tuyet & Tim Skergan

Suzanne & Mark Albert

Lisa Apfelberg & Eric Greisdorf

​Cheryl Dragel & Derek Beatty

Teehee Kim & Alex Garcia

Bruce Kornfeld

Helen Gu & Wei Li

Madhu Rao

Rebekah & Clinton Sheppard

Wei Li & Clemens Sialm

Renaye & John Thornborrow

Shuling Wang & Heling Yi

Victor Yu

Corporate Matching Gifts

A special thank you to Apple for their generous corporate matching contributions. Their community support is much appreciated.



These are the minutes to all of the official meetings of the WHS IBPA

Business Meeting: Alumni Panel (January 9, 2020)

Business Meeting: First Meeting of the Year (August 27, 2019)

Annual Meeting: Officer Elections & Math Curriculum Update (May 1, 2019)

Business Meeting: College Admissions Panel (March 12, 2019)

Business Meeting: Young Alumni Panel (January 15, 2019)

Business Meeting: Meet Mr. Acosta (August 28, 2018)

Business Meeting: Meet Mr. Acosta (September 12, 2016)

Business Meeting: Program Support Organization (May 24, 2016)

Organizational Meeting (March 1, 2016)