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Yashwant currently serves as President, and sits on the Executive Committee. As President, she is responsible for overseeing all of our activities and programs. Yashwant has previously served as co-VP Alumni & Corporate Relations.

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Shuling Wang

VP-IB Prep

Shuling currently serves as VP-IB Prep, and sits on the Executive Committee. As VP-IB Prep, she is responsible for the programs that primarily serve our middle school, freshmen and sophomore families, such as Middle School Outreach and the IBPA Ambassador Program.


VP IBDP Community

Chunyan currently serves as VP IBDP Community.


co-VP Alumni & Corporate Relations

Rachel currently serves as co-VP Alumni & Corporate Relations, and sits on the Executive Committee. As co-VP Alumni & Corporate Relations, she is responsible for developing programs for our large alumni community and engagement with the many companies that support the IBDP.

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Lingling Yan


Lingling currently serves as VP-Fundraising, and sits on the Executive Committee. As VP-Fundraising, working closely with the Treasurer, she is responsible for organizing and executing our various fundraising projects throughout the year.


Jun Xiao

VP-Membership & Communications

Jun currently serves as VP-Membership & Communications and sits on the Executive Committee. As VP-Membership & Communications, he is responsible for all official communication from the IBPA, including the e-newsletter and website, and also in growing the membership to include IB Prep, IBDP and alumni families.



Sandi currently serves as Secretary, and sits on the Executive Committee. As Secretary, she is responsible for maintaining the official books and records of the IBPA and recording the minutes of our Business and Annual meetings. She has previously served as VP-Membership & Communications.

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Ujwala currently serves as the Treasurer. As Treasurer, she is responsible for maintaining the financial records of the IBPA, and for our compliance with District and tax rules as it relates to non-profit Booster Clubs.