Parent & Student Forums: Middle School

In the Fall semester, we host parent-led sessions entitled "To IB or Not To IB?" where we provide direct and frank responses to some of the many questions that families often ask:

  • What is IBDP and how is it different than the other options for college preparation?

  • Is IBDP a good program for my student?

  • Is there a college admissions advantage to the IBDP?

Following rising ninth grade course selection, we host a session entitled "What Next?" that helps families get ready for their new life at WHS. This panel discussion includes current WHS freshmen and sophomores so you can hear directly from the students who are living the IB Prep experience in real time.


Parent & Student Forums: Rising and Current IB Prep & IBDP

In early Fall semester, we host a session entitled "Starting Strong" which is a refresher to the session entitled "What Next?". In this session, we reinforce topics such as time management, organization, self advocacy, wellness (fitness, sleep and nutrition), and study habits / skills.

Later in the Spring semester, as course selections are due, our IBPA Ambassadors help families consider various options and develop their student's four-year academic plans in advance of submitting their course selection sheets. Parents tell us this is one of the most helpful discussions they have because it helps to bring clarity to their choices.

In the Spring semester, we host one of the most anticipated events of our year, the Young Alumni Panel. Some of our recent graduates come and share their early college experiences, and provide insight into how the WHS IBDP has impacted their academic and social transitions to college.

In March, we host the College Admissions Panel featuring current senior IBDP students who share their college admissions experience and discuss how the WHS IBDP influenced their applications and admissions. This event is a favorite as it showcases how "everything comes together" for our students as they prepare for the next phase of their academic journeys.

Finally, in April, we host "INSIGHTS: IB Extended Essay Showcase" which allows four current senior IBDP students, selected by the faculty advisors based on merit and academic diversity, to discuss their Extended Essay research and findings. This is a fantastic session for families to better understand the Extended Essay and how it fits into the IBDP.

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Merchandise Sales

As a booster organizations, one of our main functions is to raise money to support the WHS IB Program. One of the main ways we do this is through merchandise sales! We have a variety of items we sell online and at various events throughout the year: t-shirts, coffee mugs, window clings and yard signs, to name a few.

Pile of Coins


We are extremely grateful to our individual and corporate donors. As a nonprofit, we accept donations that are potentially tax deductible to you.

Fundraising Opportunities

Fundraising Events

Throughout the year, we offer opportunities for the IB Community to fundraise, using program like Car Basics and the PTSA Flea Market.



IB Exemplar Scholarship

The IB Exemplar Scholarship recognizes and rewards a graduating IBDP candidate who has exemplified the attributes of the IB Learner Profile, with particular emphasis on academic development and community engagement. At least one student will be named as the IB Exemplar Scholar and receive a $1,000.00 award. Based upon available funding, additional Scholars may be named. The IB Exemplar Scholarship is 100% funded by donations and profits from fundraising activities of the WHS IBPA.

The Mentor Matching Program is a service whereby an IB Prep or IBDP student is matched to an IBPA member-parent or IB Alumnus. We will do our best to match a student needs with the right mentor, but we can't make any guarantees.