WHS IBDP Website

There is a lot of very useful information on this website specific to the WHS IB.

Summer Experiences

The summer is a great time time to recharge and to discover or further explore a personal interest. The link below includes summer camps, job shadowing or internship opportunities that has been compiled through member experience, suggestion or research.

Summer Suggestions

The Teenage Brain & Food

It may not seem obvious, but the diet a teenager consumes can impact their brain development and mood. This is a good synopsis and a starting point for further research.

The Teenage Brain & Sleep

This may seem more obvious because we've all dealt with a grumpy teenager after they have not gotten any or enough sleep. Sleep directly affects mood, appetite, memory and the ability to effectively learn.

IBO Website

There is a lot of information on this website, from history of the IBO, to their vision and mission, to explanations of each of the course groups, to academic research on IB program features.

Challenge Success Report on College Rankings

College Rankings are not the best indicator of future success or happiness. This report indicates that engagement in the college experience -- maximizing the opportunities that you are afforded (in high school and) in college are most vital for goal attainment.

Making Caring Common Project: Turning the Tide

This report stems from an exploratory meeting hosted by the Making Caring Common project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Participants included a wide variety of constituencies involved in the college admissions process. The purpose of the meeting was to consider how to improve the role of the college admissions process in promoting and assessing ethical and intellectual engagement. Making Caring Common, in collaboration with the Education Conservancy, will work with college admissions officers and other key stakeholders—including parents, high school guidance counselors, and high school and college administrators—over the next two years to far more widely implement the report recommendations.

Making Caring Common: Turning the Tide II

In this follow-up report to the above report, the focus is on the critical role of high schools and parents in supporting teens in developing core ethical capacities, including a sense of responsibility for others and their communities and reducing achievement-related stress.